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Juillet 2024


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Des séances d’un jour ou de quelques heures autour d’une technique ou d’une matière en relation avec les activités de l’Atelier De Fil en Fil.


Individuels, à la carte ou en petit groupe, les cours traitent tout le processus de création de textile ou autre matières. 


Les stages peuvent être d’un ou de plusieurs jours et traiterons des thèmes autour du textile et du fil, en faisant appel à un spécialiste.

Jodie Posen


BA(Hons) Degree in textile Design Weave Specialism Chelsea College of Art, UAL

I am a weaver and textile artist whose work focuses on the reuse and recycling of waste materials to create intriguing and unusual pieces that play with form and colour. I enjoy the interplay between the saturated colours of discarded packaging materials like paper, plastic or foils and the sophisticated ones derived from working with plant-based dyes. In 2011 I discovered my love of weaving whilst studying for a degree in Textile Design at Chelsea College of Art. Having never worked on a loom before, I quickly discovered the joy of creating cloth; optically mixing colours through different yarn combinations, rising to challenges presented by the loom and toying with the boundaries of what could be achieved within the given constraints. My position as Textiles Technician at Bradford School of Art helped to cultivate my skills as an educator and enabled me to continue to professionally develop my creative skills, enhancing my technical weaving know-how and gaining skills in printed textiles and repeat design.
In my home studio practice I enjoy taking the time to nurture and evolve my artistic identity through exploratory and inquisitive sampling and experimentation, testing ideas on the loom and gathering inspiration from my surroundings.